Massage business trip in Tokyo Tokyo AMOR will do the treatment of Shiatsu Aroma Facial Thai Please leave the massage business trip in Shinjuku, Shibuya Shinagawa Nihonbashi Kanda Ikebukuro Ueno other Tokyo's 23 wards.

For our massage business trip

” The main menu has “Shiatsu”, “aroma”, “Thai”, “Ashitsubo” “facial” as an option menu. You accustomed to accept the entire menu for both men women, is also a big welcome your request in pairs, such as couples or husband and wife. The person in charge, please be assured that we have aligned their 20s female therapist of 30s is the center, but an experienced talented of all our shop of therapist treatment.
Massage business trip Tokyo AMOR(ja)

Please be available at a time like

  • When your body is not able to sleep painful. Person of insomnia.
  • I want to use in the hotel at the time of your travel and business trip.
  • I want as it is to sleep in after the treatment.
  • We are looking for a therapist that suits.
  • Reward to yourself you are always working hard.
  • To present to your family and loved ones.
  • Couples and groups like is also a big welcome! !

Tokyo’s 23 wards to the hotel and Tower condominiums your home, etc. (Shinjuku, Shibuya Ikebukuro Shinagawa Nihonbashi Kanda Ueno other) will ask you for 24 hours.

Reservations: 03-6806-5553

Course Description

In Tokyo AMOR we offer a rich course.

Aroma oil massage

Aroma oil massageWaste products and fatigue substance that had accumulated in the lymph and muscle poured off with aroma oil, muscle rest will still be firmly loosen. This course is especially recommended for those of swelling and poor circulation in your worries, such as the foot. Body temperature, can be expected diet effect by increasing the metabolism. Please tell us at the time of booking since the those who wish offers a wide variety of essential oils also abundantly.

Momihogushi (shiatsu, manipulative)

shiatsu manipulativeWe will firmly loosen the whole body with acupressure, chiropractic elbow pressure and the like of the technology. Neck, shoulder, is a recommended course for those who upper body is solidified stiffness such as the back. Over I went to the hardened muscles loosened and the better the flow of lymph and blood nutrition and oxygen the body the whole body, body temperature rises metabolism are also promoted the recovery of the body. Please try a massage, such as the body becomes lighter after treatment.

Foot massage (reflexology)

reflexologyIt is a reflation of the Taiwanese. The soles of the feet there are reflex areas of each organ, we will increase the body’s function by the moderate stimulation of the reflex zones. In the massage business trip of our By going to improve blood circulation and overall loosened the soles of the feet, to increase the body temperature, so that it can continue to facilitate the discharge of waste from the back of the softened foot we will continue to massage.


facialIt is an optional menu of 30 minutes. Small face, lift up, firming, moisturizing, etc., facial massage is the course recommended for those of men, not just women. The blood circulation around your face well to will continue to ease tensions in the muscles of the face.
※ does not cleansing is included, your makeup will be ask you to drop in advance.

Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massageThis is especially recommended for those who are gone body becomes hard by a combination of stretching and acupressure. We will continue to better the flow of lymph and blood by stimulating the “line” of the energy line that is flowing through the body. It will increase the natural healing ability and immunity to relieve the pain of normalization to body the function of each organ of the body. Course time is ordered and to 120 minutes.


Main menu

Menu 90分 120分 150分 180分
aroma ¥15,000 ¥20,000 ¥25,000 ¥30,000
Finger pressure ¥13,500 ¥18,000 ¥22,500 ¥27,000
Thai ¥13,500 ¥18,000 ¥22,500 ¥27,000

Reservations: 03-6806-5553

Reservation system

① Determine the course to see the HP of our shop
Please choose the course of your choice (the type and the time of treatment) and First a look at the website of Tokyo AMOR.
② to contact the Tokyo AMOR
Then booking TEL: 03-6806-5553 I will make a phone call in, please tell your address of your home or hotel courses and therapist of your choice is a business trip.
③ therapist arrives
If you have a therapist arrives to the original customer, please pay the fee at the beginning.
④ treatment start
Tell such as therapist your physical condition and especially tired of the place, please become accepted slowly massage after.


◆For business trip location◆

To what area could you on a business trip?
In the heart of Tokyo’s 23 wards, Tokyo City section also neighboring prefecture of Saitama, we have business trip until the entire area of ​​Chiba.
What you will be able to travel to the location?
Customer’s home is (condominiums and apartment detached) City Hotel Business Hotel Office hospitalization destination of a hospital room, etc.
Is it possible the use of a single-room business hotel?
When you use a single-room business hotel is thank you like you inquire at the front because there are times when you will need the permission of the hotel side.
What possible use in a love hotel Fashion Hotel?
Tokyo AMOR is because it is not a sex shop business trip to the love hotel and fashion hotel, we have the refuse.

◆About massage◆

What are the types of massage?
The Tokyo AMOR has extensive menu, such as acupressure, bodywork, aromatherapy oil massage, foot massage (reflexology) Facial Thai traditional massage.
Although men Is it possible to receive the aroma oil massage?
Yes, you can. Men, regardless of the woman, can become accepted all of the course menu.
Do you have to prepare things and need to if you were asked to aromatherapy massage?
Towels and paper shorts, etc., all the necessary things is our therapists will be available.

◆About therapist ◆

What kind of person do you come?
From the 30’s 20’s experienced professional female therapist will ask you.

◆about payment◆

Can I pay by credit card?
Of course the settlement by credit card is possible. Please use can cards are Visa Master JCB, American Express, Diner’s six types of club Discover. Please note that credit cards are not covered by the campaign discount.

Customer comments

Your impressions of our shop who use the we are send us.

◇38-year-old women◇
I was for the first time allowed to use. Stiff neck was the focus and ask because it was terrible but was me loosen firm. It is very good impression because who made ​​about 30 minutes from a phone call. The following is that time is thank you because I want to received by husband and two people.
◇43-year-old men◇
because I body is big giant, it does not feel heard and not have him a massage at the pressure of the strengthened considerably. The other day left shoulder and waist, legs did enough not sleep tired especially. Since the shop is sometimes asked previously once I decided to ask. On a big, but Pampanga because it was a body that was stretched to the women who was I think whether cruel in physical fitness work, I had in firmly massaged to say that “We are familiar with because it is all right!”. It became so much music I want to ask.
◇33-year-old men◇
always therapist will ask about two hours the aroma oil massage to nominate Mr. Komori. I Mr. Amor who also came during the day because the work of the night shift is very grateful. Thank you because I want to ask is about once a week even now!
◇37-year-old men◇
I was a Thai traditional massage to Shibata-san. Perhaps because you are sitting a long time at the desk, but the back and waist had become paranoid, there is a comfortably to be loosened and feel massage is to be stretched while putting the stretch, are the body becomes soft and after the end of the was found. Also I would like to ask Mr. Shibata when the body has become hard!
◇47-year-old women◇
the other day, I asked the reflexology and a phone call to here of the shop at the time we stayed in the hotel. Ladies campaign, we decided to try for the first time since the fee was cheap. When waiting in my room, female staff came. I had to massage the calf from the soles of the feet. Since I work standing up often swelling of the legs it had become concerned about. I thought that it was good asked very well the feeling. It was 30 minutes of course, but I feel that was over quickly with good feelings. I thought that I want to also do so was refreshing.

Massage business trip Tokyo AMOR(ja)

Reservations: 03-6806-5553

Terms of service

For traveling massage Tokyo AMOR please use the following rules to observe the following terms.

  1. Our business trip massage is for relaxation purpose, we will not do medical treatment.
  2. Since it is not a shop, we do not do any sexual services.
  3. Please understand that 100% of the usage fee will be paid for reservation cancellation of the day.
  4. Please note that refunds can not be accepted.
  5. Prohibited matter
    1. Touch to the therapist, action to touch the body.
    2. Request for sexual services.
    3. Behavior such as listening to a contact, inviting a date, requesting treatment personally.
    4. Scout acts.
    5. To drink alcohol.
    6. Requesting things other than treatment.
    7. In addition, to be a crime.
    8. When there is something stated in the above prohibited matter, we will cancel treatment and leave. We may also inform the police. Since you will not be able to visit afterwards please be sure to protect us.

※ Please let us know about opinions and injustices to therapists with mail . If irregularities are found, we will reward you.

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